Do hair extensions damage your hair?


Can I do hairstyles using the volumizers?

Obviously yess🤩

Can I cut the tape/weft art of the Volumizer to make smaller pieces of the extension?

Absolutely not! Since this would lead to excessive shedding of hair and would make the extensions unusable.

Can I curl/straighten the extensions?

No, these are pre styled.

How do I store my extensions?

We recommend that extensions be stored in a Hair carrier made specifically for them. These are available on our site. You can shop the hair carrier here.

How often do I wash my extensions?

Wash only when required – since the hair extensions don’t secrete natural oils, they don’t get dirty or sticky often, so you can wash them after 15-20 wears.If you are using hair spray/gel or wax the extensions do tend to dry out faster so make sure to wash your extensions after.

Will the colour of my extensions fade?

The best way to ensure that the colour lasts longer is to wash them only when they really need a wash and store them in an air-tight cover.

How do I make sure my hair extensions last long?

1. Protect your investment- Make sure you get our hair extensions carrier in which you can hang your extensions so they don’t tangle up and are not left open to dry up.
2. Comb them well- Make sure you detangle the hair before you put them away and always brush them from bottom to top.